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Welcome to our Resources Page - a repository of tools, software, products and services essential to your online marketing business. Be sure to bookmark this page for later use.

Here you will find access to web hosting and domain names, keyword research tools and software, marketing products, auto responders, free downloads and helpful online tools and services. These are the exact same products and service providers that we are using to run our own business and would like to recommend that you also give them a try.


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Many online marketing newcomers are looking to get started on a shoestring budget - I get that. I was there myself many years ago, back when prices for just about everything online were astronomical.

However, you don't want to cut corners when it comes to domain name registration and web hosting. This is part of your business foundation. GoDaddy is the leader of the pack when it comes to domain name registration - so give them a try when you're in the market for a new domain. 

When it comes to web hosting, hands down you want to go with Host Gator. For less than $10 bucks a month you can get Host Gator's world class hosting with their proactive commitment to customer service and support. Don't let the low price fool you - this IS the hosting service provider you want to use.


Domain Name Registration and Transfers

Superior Web Hosting and Customer Support


Don't make the same mistake many less-informed marketers make. I'm referring to list building and email marketing. This is something that you need to begin early in your business and something that pays great rewards when done correctly.

The banners shown below are for three of the top rated auto responder service providers. I have used all three, but now I'm strictly a TrafficWave customer. They get my highest recommendation - both for ease of use and for customer service. I especially enjoy the fixed price of only $17.95 per month for my auto responder and link tracking service. All of the other major providers charge you more and more as the size of your lists grow. 

I also like the generous bonuses and having my monthly fees paid right from my affiliate commissions balance. I think you'll like that too after you see your downline growing automatically below you..

Don't get me wrong, Aweber and GetResponse are certainly top of the line, professional grade auto responder service providers. Each has a well organized and easy to use Admin panel and each has superior reporting enabled to track your open rates and your ROI (return on investment).


Auto Responders and Click Tracking

TrafficWave auto responders

Aweber auto responder

GetResponse auto responder service provider


Are You On A Tight Budget? Use These Free Software Titles Instead Of Paying Big Bucks For Photoshop, DreamWeaver, or CoffeeCup

I highly recommend the free software shown below. Even if you're not on a tight budget and can afford to buy Adobe DreamWeaver and Photoshop, these free software titles rival the best of them.

Komposer is a powerful, but very user friendly HTML editor that you can use to create all of your web pages, including your squeeze pages and other landing pages.  

Notepad++ is an easy to use text editor that allows you to open and edit most any file type. It's a must when you need clean code for your pages. 

GIMP is a well thought out, incredibly powerful image editor that allows you to work directly with PSD files created in Photoshop CSS2 or later. 

Filezilla is the only FTP client I use now for transferring files to my web hosting servers.





Komoser free software download - HTML editor program

Notepad++ text editor - free software download

GIMP image editing software - free download

File Transfer Protocol  (FTP)

Filezilla FTP client software free download


Keyword Research and Analysis Tools

These are the very same keyword tools that I personally use to do my keyword research and SEO. These products are not free downloads, but each is worth its weight in gold.

I start with Micro Niche Finder to find a profitable niche with low competition and an available top level domain name. Then I run my primary keyword through the Google Free Keyword Tool and generate a list of about 800 keywords. I analyze this list with the SKCA tool (Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer) to sort out the Amazing and Great keywords from the Bad and Terrible keywords. By targeting the lower competition keywords,  I can get my web pages ranked higher and start getting traffic that much sooner.

Each of these keyword tools does a different job, but it does it much better than other tools of this type and price range. If nothing else, be sure to get yourself a copy of the SKCA tool. Its only $37 and can save you a ton of money by showing you not only what keywords to target first, but which ones to avoid altogether.

TrafficTravis is a sweet little keyword research tool, but mostly I use it to track the performance of my targeted keywords. It shows me which of my keywords are ranking, if they're going up or down, the overall SEO quality of my web pages, and lots more. They offer a free trial version as well as a paid Pro version. The free version does quite a lot on its own, and I would recommend downloading it right away. If you need the additional features of the Pro version and want to upgrade, you can always do so later.


Each of these products comes with an unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer

Micro Niche Finder

Traffic Travis version 4.0


Link Directory


MarkNet     -     Our website

Team Atlantis     -     The Premier TrafficWave downline building team

MagicMiniSite     -     Easily create mini sites with these templates

MagicMiniSite for 7 Dollar Script     -     Version of MiniSitePHP for use with 7 Dollar Script

Killer Visual Headlines      -     Easily create awesome eye-grabbing headlines

Graphics Empire Firesale      -     A complete professional graphics package

Rotator Maker 2.0      -     Create professional website rotator pages

Cool Text     -     Create cool text and buttons

Sitemap Generator     -     Create a sitemap for your website

Secure Image Hosting for PayPal     -     Secure hosting for your PayPal header image

Captcha Service     -     Capthca service

Favicon Generator     -     Convert your images to Favicon format

PDF Converter     -     Convert your documents

Linklok     -     Script for hiding download links from online thiefs

Click Counter     -     Click tracking script

Font Zone     -     Find and download fonts

7 Dollar Secret Script     -     A script for selling digital products online

Warrior Forum     -     A forum just for Internet marketers

PR Powershot     -     Find high page rank expired domain names

Fiverr     -     Outsource your work for just $5

JV Zoo     -     Sell digital products online

Post Links     -     Make money with your blogs



I have three more recommendations to tell you about. First is the Unstoppable Affiliate video training course. This is a  course that I followed in order to finally start making decent money with CPA offers. The training is by Andrew Hansen, so you know its quality and up-to-date material.

Next is the Rapid Action Profits script. If you sell digital products online, this is the Premium delivery system that you want to use. It protects your downloads from the pirates, cloaks links, handles the IPN, and is incredibly well laid out. You'll never go back to 7DSS again!

The last resource I want to mention is a site called PRO Digital Works. Without a doubt the most comprehensive catalog of top rated IM products, software, and marketing tools online. PRO Digital Works is a PLR membership site with over 5000 products available for instant download and offers both free and paid membership plan.



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